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Bus Electronic Platform

Bus Electronic PlatformBus Electronic PlatformBus Electronic Platform

Main Function

1 The electronic station board can be installed LED display screen from front and back direction.It can be sent location information and showed broadcasting bus arrival information accurately within LED module.

2 The accuracy rating bus arrival information can be reached 98% and can be sent various text advertisement,naming sponsor broadcast as well as automatic program upgrade which is effectively reducing human resource cost with electronic station board.

3 The LED display screen in the electronic station board is kind of 55inches high polishing liquid crystal display screen with 1080P video playing which divides into up and down section.The up section is for playing public service advertising and commercial advertising with which supporting various format video and 24h on-live playing.The down section shows public transportation bus routine map and arrival vehicle information.

4 The electronic station board has remote terminal control function such as volume adjustment,remote on-off mechanism,timing switch.And it can be set multi-groups timing switch in a day with different period.Also it can be set timing switch based on working day&resting day with different volume to avoid of interrupting of citizens.

5 The electronic station board has temperature and humidity examination function to protect the LED dispaly screen being broken from its brightness since the LED display screen will be darker as the temperature keeping higher.


6 It has camera in the electronic station board which widely used for monitoring of passenger flow information,video playing effect and can be sent back to back-stage management center each 10minutes.The transmission mode between electronic station board and controlling center is 4G wireless transmission.

7 The outlook shape and size of electronic station board can be customized.